Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Use iPhone to sing

In love with one of the iPhone app recently.
《K歌达人》 means singer K expert, something like that.

All are Chinese songs.


It is easy to let you choose which singer you want.

Those are the songs that I had download.

You can register if you want to share the song you sing. =="

I registered!!! Muahahaha! Don't curious on my state.
There is no MALAYSIA to let me choose, so I only can choose the place that I like, which is HK.
I don't even share a song now. 
Because my sound is too too too.. erm.. speechless. Hahahaha!!!
And bf always complaining my voice..
Is it really so sucks?!? 
But am trying my best.
So far, my mark is around 80%-86%.

Can search for those who share their voice too!! 
Most of them are from China.

Almost every night I will sing, sing the song that I love.
Feel nice if you put on your earphone!! Must try!

Thanks for reading,


Friday, September 21, 2012


Bought the air ticket to KL & JB during midnight.
Yeah! This time me and bf gonna travel.
Really hope that will not burn the air ticket again like this year June.
We really have to plan to saving saving and saving.
It is not easy for us go travel like others without any doubt, loans & etc.
So, now I have to plan how we gonna save for this coming trip, is in April 2013!
Still have half year to let me plan, let us save!

The purpose we go to JB is because the LEGOLAND!
It is the first International theme park in Malaysia. Sound interesting!
I hope that during the time we go there, everything is ready for us to play, to see, to enjoy!!!
Last, hopefully everything going smoothly and no more burn air ticket!!!

Have to save $$$, earn $$$!!!!
Save for travel!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Is it I have done anything wrong? 
I had asking myself this whole afternoon. Did I?
Me myself also don't even know.

Yeah, maybe is my temper. Maybe.
Erm... Maybe both of our temper.

I don't know. And now I don't even want to know.
I just want to be happy all the day, EVERYDAY!!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Fly again~!

I gonna fly again! 
Yeah, you doesn't see wrong, I gonna fly again tonight. 
I fly back to my hometown.
I had fly for 3 times within a month. BRAVO!
Spend my holiday with my family! *wink*
Hope there will nothing make me feel unhappy.

OMG! My dark circle and eye bags! =(

This is SDO fault!
As a beginner of SDO, I still learning how to play it as expert as I can. =D

That's all,
gonna back here after 5 days.
Miss you~ 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

No Free Lunch

NO FREE LUNCH in this world!!!!!!

So when you get anything from others, there might be have a repay.

But when others gave you anything without any pay back from you, then please don't blame or complain if there are not good in condition!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


Went to Suria Sabah for shopping yesterday... =)
No big sale, but consider cheaper.
Me and bf brought some.
It's too bad that I doesn't shop enough! Grrrrr....!!!
But we do enjoy! =D *wink*

Feels tired after shopping.
Then we went to Fullhouse.

The very first time I came here.
The menu is just like a story book.

We just ordered a little bit because we're not really hungry.

Iced Lemon Tea @ RM4.90
This cup of iced lemon tea I really can't finish it. =P 

Mango Grape Blended @ RM6.90
Bf's order. Taste not bad!

Potato Wedges @ RM8.90
Bf's order as well. Just a normal wedges. Nothing special.

Seafood Spaghetti @ RM20.90
My order. Taste nice but the oyster is not fresh enough. =="
Only the prawns are fresh!

The tables's decorations.

The desserts and fruits. But we doesn't try.

FB for check-in. XD
Because felt boring while I capturing.

The ladies' toilet.

The gents' toilet.

Like this tissue!

There has an outdoor view. Doesn't purposely went outside for photographing. >.<

The clothing session.
I think they are all for sale, if not mistaken.

The cute car.

The view.

That's all for today!


Monday, September 3, 2012


上个星期四晚上,我又回家了!飞机就像是我的第二个交通工具。=) 还是和往常一样,就让照片说话吧!
多多teddy bear。
Teddy bear一家人去gai gai!




看到没?穿着pink colour 的男女在那里帮我霸位子!

游戏是要说“Hantu ganster kuih guo ji”。应该是这样说的没错!哈哈哈!我就什么都不懂就这样上台了!是不是很傻傻?!?我就想到了用Negaraku唱一句罢了。结果,Namewee的反应是这样。

Oh my God!=D

真的是献丑了。这是发财宝(FB里是这样写的)叫我做的。而且还是做了两次才过关 =="

Hantu Ganster里的歌。

虽然真的很xia soi,但是who care?我很享受那个过程!=D 但还是很抱歉Ysien陪我一起xia soi。也很谢谢他们去家里带我!很感激。(鞠躬)