Friday, November 30, 2012


Hi here! Today is the last day of November. December is coming, the last month of the Year 2012. Hohoho~ Merry Christmas is around too!!! Time flies. It's really so damn fast!!!

Went to birthday dinner together with the Gang on Monday. The actual date of Syel's birthday.

I don't know how to write in English. For me, it is not bad lah. BF not prefer on the fat part cz he said it is very geli. So i ate, to earn more fat. Hiak hiak.. 

Here come some vege.

I prefer Butter Prawns rather than this.

This is Toufu. Idk what is the name actually, but it tastes some seafood inside. =D

Herbal Chicken Soup was our soup that night. It has been a long time I didn't drink. The last time I drank is last month when I went back home. I only have it when I am home. miss Mama~ BF was not interested on the soup, so I have 2 bowl of the herbal soup that night.. Yum~

The birthday boy again. He wore the t-shirt that we gifted him! Birthday wear new clothes. Seems like Chinese New Year. Hahaha.

That night, the Mystery Gang is so well completed!!! The one, Kay (the middle) who was absent in the previous celebration, was appear that night..!!!

Damn fatty BF. I enjoyed the coconut pudding. I ate 2 bowls as well, cz BF not really like the taste. It's ok, I love it! Thumb up!


After finished the dinner, we sang again!! But this time we just sang around 2hrs.. Oh gosh! Budget budget please!!!

At last, we sang Happy Birthday song in 4 languages, which is English, Chinese, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia as well. However, my stupiak BF sang the birthday song which he pronounced as it is an India birthday song but actually it is just don't know what stupiak language.

Thats' all for today! Hehehe.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Miss the childhood time with you

I miss my childhood time.
Neither barbie dolls nor new toys.
I did enjoyed play those old toys given by cousins.
Still remember, I only got masak-masak sets. Yeah! I love that much!!!
Even only me and brother in the house, but we still can play together.
Not with our toys, but with our bed.
We have our double storey bed in Mama's room, until now it still there. No move.
We used to sleep when we were primary school.
Of course, during that time brother slept on the top and I slept at the bottom.
We loved to use our blanket to cover the bed side so that it will looks like a cave inside then we can play inside it with a whole night. So miss that!!! Argh!!!!!!!!!!

Until now, I felt good to talk to him when I am home.
Even we are not staying together, but our relationship no change.
He really helped me a lot until now..
Thanks Bro, I love you..

Tuesday, November 27, 2012



I watched this movie last Saturday. 
The venue of filming this movie is at Lan Kwai Fong, a place that HK ppl love to 'pou'.
Even I spent my some time at HK b4, but I had never been there.
Cz my Aunty not allowed. Sob =(

The girls' body are damn nice!!! OMG!!!!
So envy on their body shape and appearance.
Even the Part 1 was in my hard disc for about a year already, but I still haven't watch it.
Will watch it soon, I think. =P

For those who haven watch either Part 1 or Part 2, you may search at Youtube!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Secret Mission Completed

The last birthday baby in our Gang is Syel, one of the gentleman. Yeah, finally he is 22 years old same as all of us! Our mission is make surprise for Syel, cz he thought that no one remember his birthday. Syel is BF best buddy and this is the first time I join the celebration of the Gang. (Actually this was my suggestion for 2-3weeks ago) But during that time is still early to discuss about the celebration, so until last Thurs Kass whatsapp us to talk about this. To be honest, I suggest the birthday party is cz I felt he will be pity celebrate his birthday alone. Yea, he is single and is available too!!!

His birthday suppose is on 26/11 but we all agreed the date of the celebration is 24/11 (Sat). Wen booked the KTV room at Tip Top, Kass called those Syel's friend and me ordered the cake. =D We bought some balloons, the pop and the birthday cap for Syel. The task that BF and Kevin is cheat the birthday boy for going out to have dinner. While they are eating, me, Wen, Kass, Angel and YK were busy blow the balloon.

Angel & Wen
Kass & Wen
They was finding the birthday song, but there doesn't show any birthday song. Until the birthday boy came in the room, Wen just found the birthday song. Swt~ But it's alright.

The girls!
Four of us so sampat, even not our birthday, we still want to take photo with the cake! =P It was so long time for waiting them, we thought they are otw to our KTV room, so we lighted up the candle and stand up near the door. Walao we had stand about 1-2 minutes I think, then I called BF for asking what's going wrong. He said they still waiting for the dapao.. Swt agn~

BF cheated Syel that he wanted to go toilet and Kevin said there was a renovation at Tip Top. So Syel has been cheated on that! Here they come!!!

The guys said "Hey! Come in!"
Syel was so surprise when there is a POP sound and birthday song sang out. Mission COMPLETED!!! Even the outsider also shocked about that!!!

Birthday boy
Hahaha!!! Why I am taller than everyone? Because I was too excited til stand on the sofa!! My gosh, image spoil.. for that whole night I think. Muahaha!

Blew candle!
The last birthday baby of our Gang in this year.
The Mystery Gang. From left: YK, Liang (BF), Syel, Kevin. 
Another one was absent that night.
Birthday boy with the Girls.
From left: Me, Angel, Wen, Kass.
After the photo session, all started to choose song, sing song, eat cake n bla bla~~

Enjoy open the present.
Sorry ya Syel! I post this cz my BF said he really looks so enjoy. Hahaha! The present is a simple NIKE t-shirt which choosen by me n BF. He tried it immediately and it is just right for him, luckily! Erm.. he said he likes it too!! *Winks*

Wen, Kevin's GF.
Hahaha! Its me! =D
YK. Damn nice voice when he sang Jackie Cheung's song.
Doesn't expect that we remember his birthday!
Can u guys see it? Tango with Oswen!
Well, Oswen is Kass's BF. He is offshore now and I don't know where or which place he is now. He just cant join our sercet mission and celebration. So the only way is Tango! Hahaha!!! Sounds funny, rite? He saw us how to give Syel surprise, how we sang crazily til all of us stood up on the sofa..

Taken by BF.
One of the drinks that night. >.<
Happy Syel!
Gosh! My eye bags!
Fatty BF & me
BF opened his eyes bigger and I made my face chubby =P
We all did enjoy that night!!! =D We off to home at 2am! Sang shout for almost 5hrs!!!

That's all


Opppsss... my blog cant even upload any photos cz I used up 1GB... 
Imma thinking some way to solve this problem.. 
If not, the blog is like dying without any photo... Phew~ Bye!

Monday, November 19, 2012


I woke up at around 8am to finish up the last episode of Highs & Lows.
I know I know, almost everybody had finished this HK series, I am late I know. =(
I don't know why the ending is like that, almost everybody die.. I don't like!
Just the kid is so cute man!!! Pat's son. Heart him so much!!!

Brunch time! SCR - Singapore Chicken Rice.
The smallest followed us.

So I ordered french fries for her! =D
Our food and drinks.

Eating at the half way, she lay down herself on the long bench and play my phone.
My gosh... Bring a kid go for brunch is troublesome, but I did enjoy sometimes. Hehehe~
Just this, our brunch.

Dinner time! Grand Dorsett Hotel.
I went there for 3 times in this year. Everyday has different themes.
The 1st time I went was Steamboat. (On Tuesday)
The 2nd time was Sushi. (On Friday)
And Sunday night was Rojak/ Ojibala. The combination of Western food and Chinese food.
Got steak and also Herbs Chicken.

OMG!!! I love the steak so much!!! The sauce as well!
I ate this b4 my Fish & Chips come to me.

BF can't stay without rice..
By the way, the potato was nice! I love too!!!
I gonna eat u, Bun Bun.. Hahaha!!!

BF's watermelon juice

My Fish & Chips

Mayb I ate the big piece of the steak, so that I can't finish my Fish & Chips..
I should order the spaghetti next time. =D
Dessert Dessert!

I love the cheese cake! Thumbs up!
However BF loves the chocolate one!
The small tart?!? Wah!!! I don't like at all!!! Tasteless >.<

Those desserts was not bad but only the tarts the tarts!!! Dislike dislike!!
Love this much much!!
 Looks yummy rite??? =D

Sorry without make up... 'Chan yong'!

After our buffet, it was really damn full!!!
Then we decided to go for the lounge where we went with the Gang.
I saw the Christmas tree!!! So excited!
Christmas are around the corner!
BF's Budweiser
I ordered Mocktail.
My Mocktail
The taste.. Erm.. For me, is just so so only...
The mixture of mango juice and orange juice and somemore I don't know..
The mango taste covered the orange, so the overall I felt like I am drinking mango juice..
I prefer Bud Bud Budweiser!!!!

That's all