Friday, December 28, 2012

A simple dinner with them

Have a short update before I MIA for few days.
Had dinner with Ysien and her BF yesterday night.
They back from KK and today they went back to Miri.
Just had some food photos.

The taste not bad for me, but Ysien said they doesn't put enough salt, cz it is not salty!!! OMG.

Fried Sotong. Nice!
I am not so like the sauce, maybe it is too sticky.

Soup of the night.
Erm.. The melon, I really don't like!!! The taste I can't accept.

Black Pepper Crab
I ate a lot of this. Once awhile eat it, you will feel it is nice...!!! Cz BF doesn't joined us yesterday night due to lion dance practice, nobody helps me, so my hands dirty cz of the CRAB!!! But I did enjoy lah... 

Last, here is my photos.

Loves my hair and hair colour so much, even the colour faded!! =D

Ysien and her BF were safely arrive Brunei just now... Hope that really enjoy this trip even have some incident happened. See you guys agn in January! =) Take care and miss you..

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