Sunday, August 4, 2013

Simple Birthday Surprise!!!

Morning all...!!! Just wake up and feel want to blog this!!! Suppose to be blog yesterday midnight, but I was too tired, so today have to blog it cz it still fresh in my mind. (I think so lol) 

Okay, back to the story.. This time our mission is gonna surprise the GYM Man, Kevin! What? GYM Man?!? Can we surprise him? Hahaha. Wait and see. The plan is goes like this, Boyfie's car stucked near the beach, and need Kevin's help. Then we will give him surprise that time. Yeap, the venue is beach. Sounds romantic. *winks* 

Around 9:30pm, all of us arrived and busy on blowing the balloons. Syel told Boyfie that Kevin doesn't want to come out. OMG! It's Saturday and he is the one who always says don't want to waste the Saturday night! No matter how, we have to call him. Boyfie call him, and the phone come out with, "this is the voice mail service..." Seriously, he off his phone!!! Its ok, just try again.. Still the same "this is the voice mail service... bla bla bla..." Okay, the only way is call Kevin's house phone. Idk whose idea is this. For me, its sounds weird, but its ok.. Just have a try. But the most funny part is Syel gives the neighbour's phone number and they call, luckily no one answer the phone. Hahahaha. OMG!

At last, we try call Kevin again. No more "this is the voice mail service..", waiting for his answer. Finally, he answered and Boyfie told him, our car get stucked.

Kevin, we are waiting for you...
Waiting waiting..
We wait for around 15 minutes, he just arrived.

The cupcakes were just so nice!!! This is the Kevin's Gf, Jing Wen ordered and want to give him surprise.. =)

Jing Wen busy..
Thumbs Up!!!
We think are using the 'fake' Magic candles.
The birthday boy & his love one 
Love this photo even its without flash..
Nice to eat. Nice to capture.
This is what they do to the birthday boy.. >.<

Last but not least, hope Kevin really enjoy the night..!!! Happy birthday!!!

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