Tuesday, July 17, 2012

One month after June

Wow... It had been a long time I didn't updated..
Almost 1 month... Hahaha... Sorry! *bow*
Am I busy? Erm... I don't think so..

 Money Money Money.. USD!!!!

 OMG.. I hope all are mine!!! *Day dreaming* zzzZZZ

June's birthday girl.

I saw this from office.. A halo~
Ring around the sun..

Still love to act cute... *wink*

From colleague. Thanks..
Feel touching & miss mommy's cook! (gonna back soon~~)

Is it cute??
Recently addicted on editing photo & Istagram as well..
Just follow me you want, just_so_simple

Went dinner buffet with colleague..
Erm.. The food not bad.
But the wasabi is not that spicy as I eat usually.. deduct marks

肥仔 basketball team..
See... He is the most shortest among them, right right? Wahaha...!!!

Promotion promotion promotion...
Still have a month, then I will be home~!!
Yeah! Holiday!!! Love love love!
Will be back for 2 times on next month!!!!
And back another time on Sep..

The twins.. Cute right? 
 About 6 months year old..

Such a weather and I don't want to wake!!!!
HELP!!!! I don't want to WORK~~~~!!!!!


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