Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picnic - Rice Dumplings Festival

Earlier celebration for Rice Dumplings Festival.
We having picnic at Sea Sport (Beach)..
Nice view, right? 
Of course! I edited it.. lol

Me and 肥仔arrived late, I think..
Because we are always late.. Swt =.="
We having brunch there.
I took some pictures only...

Rice dumplings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pudding pudding, I ❤.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I like the colour so much... Looks nice, right? *wink*

See! They play this.. 
I don't know how to write in English. *shame*

At first, we lose..
So is 1 - 0.
Then second time, 肥仔's turn..

Ready... 1  2  3 PULL!!!!!!

Gambateh!!!!!!!!!! Jia you!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah!!! We won!!!
So, the result is DRAW. 1 - 1

Rest for few minutes and start again...
To see which team are the final winner?!?
Start again...


Do you guys saw 肥仔???
Ooopppsss... He fall down... lol

At last, they can't survive.. 
Another team won... Sad.
But it's alright, it is just a game... *cheers*


Little girl! She joined us on the half way...
Her daddy mommy busy buy thing, so they sent her to me and 肥仔to take care her.

肥仔: Give Gor Gor some... (si beh tam jiak)

Little girl: Nah... 
Gerrrrrrrrrr...肥仔really damn tam jiak... 

That's all from today...
Happy Father Day to my beloved daddy and all daddy in this world!!!
I love you, Dad!!


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