Monday, March 18, 2013


Had dinner with Lion Dance Troupe's members together last Saturday. Doesn't have any food photos cz the food always are the same. This is my second year joined the dinner, is influenced by Boyfie. As I mentioned in previous post, Boyfie is one of the participator in the lion dance performance.

To make something special, Boyfie did the design of a new t-shirt for himself and his partner. When Boyfie asked me, so I just say YES, I want too! =D

Left is Boyfie. Right is me. =) For me, I prefer mine which the half of lion's head (狮头) is in front. Boyfie prefers back side is cz he wanted to show others more clearly about what actually the photo is. 

But during the dinner on last Saturday, I wore a singlet with the word "舞狮>My Life". Actually honestly, I love to see lion dance (舞狮), I love to hang out with the lion dance's member (some of them), but lion dance is not that important for me. I just want something different.

My make up of the night. Spot any different? I learned to draw my eyebrows. I managed to do it, not that hard. I love to have my thick eyebrows, but it looks nice? Doesn't it suit me?

The lighting made the photo not so nice. =( But I just post it cz we are not always take photo. We had been together for almost 3 years, and I think our photo together haven't exceed 50 photos. How sad~

Here we are! 3 couples wearing the same lion dance T-shirt & singlet with different colours. Nice!!!! =)

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