Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beauty thingy - NARUKO

Am crazily brought lots of beauty thingy. For me, it is considered as a lot cz I didn't buy so much in the same time since 2011.
2011 is the last year I bought a set of Naruko beauty product (around 9-10 bottles in a set).
The set of Naruko was Mama bought for me last time. Love you, Mom!

And now I have the ability to earn money, so I buy for myself. Of course next time will buy for Mama too =D (miss Mama so much)
Okay, let me start to introduce what beauty thingy I bought recently. Naruko I introduce first and the rest will post next time.

NARUKO - Taiwan Brand

Repairing Night Eye Gelly RM42
Love this night eye gelly for moisturizing. This eye gelly can apply it before sleep and just wash it off in the next day. Last time I bought was gt a bit sticky when I apply, but now it is just so well to apply it, can say it is so watery. *Thumbs up* Just like what Ysien says, they gt improvement.

Multifunction Balm RM29
Honestly, the attraction for me on this balm is not cz of it is multifunction. It is cz of the package! I love the pinky pinky round round design. Hiak hiak... >.< It is small (around 5cm big) and very convenient to bring here and there. This balm is not only for lips, also for face, eyes and body as well!!! So I decide to have a try on it. Hahahaha...

Sorry for the photo quality cz I use my phone to capture. The smell of this multifunction balm is rosehip oil. I love the smell, damn nice. This multifunction balm is very prefect solution for dryness, especially for me (dry skin type). But please make sure that don't apply to many on a same part of your face or body. Cz it will make more oily, specially eyes part. I always use just a little bit for my eyes lips and more forehead as well, haven't try on my body.

Masks RM59 for 2
Really is girls' 天性. Even I still got lots of mask haven use at home, I still want to buy masks.*Wasting money* Hahahaha... But I still gt use them. =) This 2 masks really worth it. The normal price is RM59 per box, but now promotion for BUY 1 FREE 1, so I just grab it *winks*
I have tried out the moisturizing mask (the left one), the smell is damn nice, damn comfortable!!!! So in love with it. Will try another (the right one) next time. =P

The most interesting part is, the boxes can recycle to become useful.
The instruction is given to let you come out with this kind of useful box. So I put some of my eyes masks thingy inside. 

I spent around RM150 to get this 4 item. For me, it is really worth!!! If you want to know more about this, please visit here
That's all for today! Thanks and enjoy reading! Phewwwww~ Bye..


  1. I use to buy this product as well, and I found that Malaysia is cheaper than Singapore!!! For the mask here cost 29.90! Malaysia is even cheaper! Overall all the products is really nice to use and price also affordable.

    1. Yeap, only RM29.90. U can buy from Malaysia.. The mask really not bad..

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