Wednesday, June 13, 2012


It's an English post again! =D
As usual, please don't laugh my poor English,
I am improving it... Ok????  *Wink*
Hardly to think about this post title..Swt =.='

Photo without editing. Terrible skin tone. Damn heavy eyebags. So many acne. OMG!!!!!!
I need to have facial soon, very soon..
But still I want to post such photo... Muahahahaha...
This photo is taken after I back home at 11++p.m yesterday night.
Joined 肥仔 for basketball.. He is having his practice for next month competition..
For almost 4 nights, we went for basketball.. (He FORCE me!!!)

Maybe he wants to show off his basketball skills to me..
(Actually.. Just erm erm...Just ok ok only) *jk* =D
OR maybe he wants me to be his “阿四” (maid)..
He used to ask me be his 阿四, helps him to take water, towel all that..
I am a super good Gf, I admit...

This also proving me that I am a super extremely good Gf!!! (proud)
The mosquitoes damn love to kiss me..
Maybe I smell good and my blood is sweet.. Kekekeke...
But I hate you! Hate you!!!!! GO AWAY!!!

I ate beef burger after took my bath.

 Then I do mask!
It's been a long time (around 2 weeks) I doesn't do mask..
Oh Gosh.. For sure terrible skin!!!

Apply this after mask!!!
I just tried this about 3 weeks..
Its smell nice!
The most important your face won't feel sticky after you apply it!
Next, my hands and legs...
Its so DRY DRY DRY!!!
Is due to the environment..
Almost 24 hours in air conditioner space..
So, I brought this...

I love apply it, but I am lazy... HATE

I drink this!

Friends told me it's too young for me to start with this...
But for me, it is better to start now..
But the only problem is I can't afford on it for this moment.. Sad.

Still have heavy eye bags..
And panda eyes!
Have to cure it.. Sad.

K. Bye.

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