Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Sunday

Sunday is the day that the Gang can gather together from noon to evening.
Because most of them are working on Saturday.

We went to brunch together before we went for badminton.
Sorry I didn't took any photo. Too hungry. >.<

After badminton, Jing Wen, Kass and I went to Layang-Layangan.
The rest continue their badminton session, however my pity BF went back for work.
The weather for yesterday was not that bad.. 

Can you guys see the hungry ghost's hand?!? Muahahahahaha!! XD
It had been long time I didn't eat satay, chicken wings there..!!! Yum Yum!!
I ordered the Teh O Ice. (being influence by BF =P)
OMG!!! The Teh O Ice was so so so sweet!!! 
Is it the sugar's price declining??? 

After finish all, we went to another station hunting for crunchy Lekor fish.
Unfortunately, no more Lekor fish at the next station.
So, we choose to go another place, Palm Beach Resort & Spa.

There'll have happiness only if waves can flash away the sadness.
Do Re Mi (Jing Wen, Me, Kass)

 Hahaha!!! I posted our photo here! =D
Sohai photo, Kass said so.. Muahahaha!!!
Please ignore our hair and my eye bags k.. =)

We went for the beach, took some photos.
No choices, 3 of us are too Zi Lian... =D
I did enjoyable, but the body felt sticky!!!! =(
While we all enjoyed take photo, there was drizzle. So we off to back. 

There'll have rainbow after the rain, and definitely is a beautiful rainbow!!!

That's all