Monday, January 21, 2013


I seldom went for a hair dye in Salon since I know Liese. I only went for the hair highlight in Salon. If you wanna be economize, you can try Liese.
This is not my first time using Liese, almost every hair dye since 2011, I used it. 

Before I start, here's my photo after my hair cut.
I cut off my long bang, the long bang that I kept for around 8 months. *cute?* Hahahaha.

I had been long time doesn't dye my hair. See the roots?

I choose this colour. Milk Tea Brown. Thought will turn in more bright colour, but it doesn't. Sob~  

These are the things which inside the box. It's too bad doesn't provide any masks. Smell of the combination solutions are just so sucks. So wearing masks is a good idea.

Plz plz plz... Wearing glove before anything start ya! 

Pour the Solution 1 into Solution 2.

When Solution 1 and Solution 2 are mixed up, shake it slowly.

After shaking, change the cap to the pink cap. It is for squeeze the bubble out from the bottle.

See... The bubble, and you apply it on your hair.

The instruction written wait for 20-30 minutes. But I wait for around 45 minutes to 1 hour. =) Don't learn from me, its no good. =D

Last, remember to wash your hair with the rinse-off treatment that given.

Look! Ta-Da! =D Look nice? Doesn't have big difference, rite? But I love it! Hope you'll try too =)

That's all,
off to do mask.


  1. hi,got abit different la,hehe,
    is nice on you too ^_____^

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