Friday, January 4, 2013


Sorry for the late Christmas post. =D Well, I know Christmas was over. But I just wanna keep the memory so I wrote this post. Okay, Some of them were outstation during Christmas Eve, so we celebrate the Christmas at the actual day. (actually I hope to celebrate on Christmas Eve night).

We planned the Christmas celebration one month before, cz YK want to confess with Angel on that day! We had an exchange gift session on that day. This was my first time!!! First time celebrate Christmas with the Gang. (but missed the New Year celebration with them. Sob~) We have to prepare gift for more than RM15. Sounds easy.. But when comes to think and choose the gift, it was the most headache part. Gosh!

Christmas socks & hats.
Caring YK really done a good job. Yeah, he did the confession in front of us (except BF) BRAVO! All of this was prepare by him and Kass helped him too! How sweet! The Christmas hats and socks for everyone. Chocolates and Candies were inside the socks. *Love*

KTV again.. No choice, we love to sing!!! =D

Choose songs!

Mini Christmas tree prepared by YK.
BF was busy having his lion dance training, so I choose to follow YK's car to meet them all.. Around 10o'clock, BF just joined us. He missed the scene of the confession between YK & Angel. So sayang~

YK sing for Angel.
Angel says "OMG".
She doesn't expect this will happen on that day! Maybe Angel will feels it is so embarrassed, but for us it was sweet yet funny. Wahahahaha! Sorry~

Me & Kass
With Jing Wen
The gifts of the night!
Me & BF sing together.
Cute Jing Wen
She got YK's couple cup. No photo.
Kevin got Syel's Ferrero Rocher. No photo also. =(

 Kass got Sticky from Angel.

YK got Jing Wen's.

Lalaine got Kevin's phone bank.

Angel got mine! Baby wipes & hand wash.

Syel got BF's cute cup. No photo.

BF got this from Lalaine. And now is inside my car. =D
I got Kass's facial mask! Love it! Hahaha..

Group photo without YK. Cz he was our photograhper!

That's all for my 2012 Christmas.
Hope 2013 still can celebrate with the Gang! =D

Bye, xoxo.

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