Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mini Popia

Mini Popia made by me and his sister. =)
Looks nice? Okay, I know it looks weird...
But anyway, it taste good!! 
We brought ready-made sambal, of course it taste nice! Wahahaha~ =D

The BEST girl is when you are nothing, she still will be with you, loving you!

I saw this from FB. This is the truth.
Guys, when a girl still will be with you and loving you even you are nothing, means she can bear every hardship with you.
It will be hard for you to find a best girl, and maybe you only can meet such a girl once in your life time.
So, please remember to treasure such a best girl.

I am the best girl as well...
So, you should know what to do. Kekeke...=>

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