Monday, December 19, 2011

A Simple Sunday

I don't like to write in English because I am not so good in English, so I choose Chinese.
But because of the new laptop I am using, it is without Chinese software, so I forced to update my blog in English.
It is also a good opportunity to let me practice my poor English.
Anyway, I can't blame anybody! Phew~ =)


We went to Layang-Layangan yesterday evening.
What is the reason we went there?
Of course is I want to eat Satay!!!
I miss the Satay so so so much!
For me, the Satay is nice and cheaper as well.
Here are the Satay!
Wow~! Delicious! Thumb up!
Well, I ate all the beef (10 sticks), 3 sticks of chicken and a bowl of ABC Special.
Then the rest are for him!!!
So full for me! 


At night, around 9.30pm, we went to Black Gold Cafe.
We went there because I want to eat salad.
Not because I want to keep fit, is because I suddenly want to have it!
He choose to eat Grilled Chicken and I choose to eat Chef's Salad.
Here's our order:
 My Chef's Salad.
The taste not bad for me, but I prefer Potato's Salad after try this.
His Grilled Chicken.

Even it was a simple Sunday,
but I am happy too.
Because got YOU...

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