Thursday, August 16, 2012


I was so free yesterday and found that one of 肥仔's closed girl-friend.
I SMS 肥仔 and tell him (kepo)

At first, I lied him that the girl-friend like you, but unfortunately you have me.
So she gave up. lol

肥仔belive it? Erm... I think so.
The conversation between me & 肥仔

Oh! 肥仔gt read my blog..?!?
Are you sure, 肥仔?

肥仔 never like my post or even my FB status & photos, he is so lokek giving a "LIKE"!!!
Ermmmm.. I think I should go check his notebook's website history to see whether it's real that he ever read my blog. Haha.

That's all.
End up with this photo.



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