Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dinner Together

03 Aug 2012 (Friday)

Having dinner together with the basketball team members. XD
I took a lots of photos but only some I upload here.

Look nice?

Apply some make up.
Its a must to apply some eyeliner, blushes & lipsticks for attend the dinner.

As usual, we are late. Hahaha. 
But its ok. We are not the latest. =)

Tiara Labuan, here we have our dinner.


The gift of the dinner. A basketball team keychain.

2 group photo of basketball team member.

The dishes is coming.

 The soup.

The prawn. 

肥仔helps me on this.. Wink!

The fish.

The veges.

The combination of chicken & duck.

The fried rice.

The dessert.

Tastes like medicine that we usually ate during our childhood..
Its weird..

The young couple.

He never took picture with me seriously.. HATE!

Jie Jie & Her hubby.

This guy is so boring. Let us see what he gonna do.

You guys see... Yucks!!!!!


The girls.

Jie Jie's hubby ask me to take this photo. =D

Mirror mirror in the toilet.

Now is the group photos.

Another team.
Fa Zhu Gong & the coaches.

That's all.
Thanks for the dinner!

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