Wednesday, August 29, 2012

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

English post English post!!!!!!
My English writing is poor but I will try my best to write the post more easy to understand by everybody.

I had receive an e-mail from Nuffnang yesterday. The content is writing a blog post about how you charming to the opposite sex. The winner will be walk away for Anarchy Island (4 days 3 nights) and there will be 10 consolation prizes consisting of 1 year worth of AXE products which worth RM200!! Sound interesting right?

I intended to join this contest not because of the prizes, because I want to have a try on writing such a blog post.
This is my first try. XD I would like to write about my best (I think) effort at being charming to my BF (boyfriend).

Ok, let's start..

1. Don't over control

Yeah.. Freedom is the most important. I give my BF enough freedom, I think. When he go out, I will follow sometimes, to more understand his lifestyle and friends. I just let him do whatever he want, but will make sure that what he done will not harm anybody.

2. Be his listener

When my BF want to talk, I will let him talk. Sometimes he get mad, he will shouted! We will quarrel when we having different opinion, but it's alright. Sometimes when he angry and say thing wrong, I also let it be. But after he cool down, I will try to talk to him about the previous conversation.

3. Small Celebration

Celebrations are always remember by girls, so do I! Luckily, my BF not a person who loves to have big celebrations. So when comes with anniversaries or birthdays, I will do something (not a big deal) for him. Something like cook dinner for him. Let him feels warm. *wink* I think this is the most part that being charm to my BF. =)

4. Appreciate

I always do thankful that I have a BF who he loves me, I love him as well. When we quarrel, it is a must to end up the quarrel and be good with each other within a day. This is a MUST for me and our relationship.

That's all from me. Hope it is clear enough for the readers. Thanks for reading this post. The NUFFNANG, thanks to give me a chance to write this English post. This is a good opportunity for me =)

Feel free to drop a comment here. Have a nice day, People!!! =P