Friday, November 30, 2012


Hi here! Today is the last day of November. December is coming, the last month of the Year 2012. Hohoho~ Merry Christmas is around too!!! Time flies. It's really so damn fast!!!

Went to birthday dinner together with the Gang on Monday. The actual date of Syel's birthday.

I don't know how to write in English. For me, it is not bad lah. BF not prefer on the fat part cz he said it is very geli. So i ate, to earn more fat. Hiak hiak.. 

Here come some vege.

I prefer Butter Prawns rather than this.

This is Toufu. Idk what is the name actually, but it tastes some seafood inside. =D

Herbal Chicken Soup was our soup that night. It has been a long time I didn't drink. The last time I drank is last month when I went back home. I only have it when I am home. miss Mama~ BF was not interested on the soup, so I have 2 bowl of the herbal soup that night.. Yum~

The birthday boy again. He wore the t-shirt that we gifted him! Birthday wear new clothes. Seems like Chinese New Year. Hahaha.

That night, the Mystery Gang is so well completed!!! The one, Kay (the middle) who was absent in the previous celebration, was appear that night..!!!

Damn fatty BF. I enjoyed the coconut pudding. I ate 2 bowls as well, cz BF not really like the taste. It's ok, I love it! Thumb up!


After finished the dinner, we sang again!! But this time we just sang around 2hrs.. Oh gosh! Budget budget please!!!

At last, we sang Happy Birthday song in 4 languages, which is English, Chinese, Cantonese and Bahasa Malaysia as well. However, my stupiak BF sang the birthday song which he pronounced as it is an India birthday song but actually it is just don't know what stupiak language.

Thats' all for today! Hehehe.