Monday, November 12, 2012

Swimming Time

The Gang changed the Sunday activity to swim instead of badminton..

We went to Waterfront Hotel.
BF never bring me go to public swimming pool in Labuan.

Ready to go

We reached thr around 4PM..
The charges for us to swim is RM16 per person for adult, however child RM8. (half price of adult)
And a towel cost us RM20. (Refundable)
The swimming pool is considered big, had a jacuzzi thr..

Once I reached, I just put my things aside then go to swim. (play water actually hahaha)
I love to see ppl swim.. When they swim, they just like fish..
So pretty nice if I can swim..

Spot what? That is Jing Wen. =P
The siblings & BF played the ball.

Without edit.
The view
The night view
The girls were busy phewtick. >.<
We finished swim around 7PM.
Then we go settle our dinner together!

I'm Lovin it

Of course for me, I would like to blog something new for my blog.
So I took some photos. But being complained by the BF. >.<
Yeah I know I am not a famous blogger, but at least I am a blogger.
Whatever I want to blog, that's my rights.

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