Thursday, November 29, 2012

Miss the childhood time with you

I miss my childhood time.
Neither barbie dolls nor new toys.
I did enjoyed play those old toys given by cousins.
Still remember, I only got masak-masak sets. Yeah! I love that much!!!
Even only me and brother in the house, but we still can play together.
Not with our toys, but with our bed.
We have our double storey bed in Mama's room, until now it still there. No move.
We used to sleep when we were primary school.
Of course, during that time brother slept on the top and I slept at the bottom.
We loved to use our blanket to cover the bed side so that it will looks like a cave inside then we can play inside it with a whole night. So miss that!!! Argh!!!!!!!!!!

Until now, I felt good to talk to him when I am home.
Even we are not staying together, but our relationship no change.
He really helped me a lot until now..
Thanks Bro, I love you..

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