Monday, November 19, 2012


I woke up at around 8am to finish up the last episode of Highs & Lows.
I know I know, almost everybody had finished this HK series, I am late I know. =(
I don't know why the ending is like that, almost everybody die.. I don't like!
Just the kid is so cute man!!! Pat's son. Heart him so much!!!

Brunch time! SCR - Singapore Chicken Rice.
The smallest followed us.

So I ordered french fries for her! =D
Our food and drinks.

Eating at the half way, she lay down herself on the long bench and play my phone.
My gosh... Bring a kid go for brunch is troublesome, but I did enjoy sometimes. Hehehe~
Just this, our brunch.

Dinner time! Grand Dorsett Hotel.
I went there for 3 times in this year. Everyday has different themes.
The 1st time I went was Steamboat. (On Tuesday)
The 2nd time was Sushi. (On Friday)
And Sunday night was Rojak/ Ojibala. The combination of Western food and Chinese food.
Got steak and also Herbs Chicken.

OMG!!! I love the steak so much!!! The sauce as well!
I ate this b4 my Fish & Chips come to me.

BF can't stay without rice..
By the way, the potato was nice! I love too!!!
I gonna eat u, Bun Bun.. Hahaha!!!

BF's watermelon juice

My Fish & Chips

Mayb I ate the big piece of the steak, so that I can't finish my Fish & Chips..
I should order the spaghetti next time. =D
Dessert Dessert!

I love the cheese cake! Thumbs up!
However BF loves the chocolate one!
The small tart?!? Wah!!! I don't like at all!!! Tasteless >.<

Those desserts was not bad but only the tarts the tarts!!! Dislike dislike!!
Love this much much!!
 Looks yummy rite??? =D

Sorry without make up... 'Chan yong'!

After our buffet, it was really damn full!!!
Then we decided to go for the lounge where we went with the Gang.
I saw the Christmas tree!!! So excited!
Christmas are around the corner!
BF's Budweiser
I ordered Mocktail.
My Mocktail
The taste.. Erm.. For me, is just so so only...
The mixture of mango juice and orange juice and somemore I don't know..
The mango taste covered the orange, so the overall I felt like I am drinking mango juice..
I prefer Bud Bud Budweiser!!!!

That's all


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