Friday, November 9, 2012

Life sucks, damn boring

Just simply post something cz my life is sucks..

Always my favorite!
Chocolate chips with NO nuts
Yum yum.. I love it
Suppose to join the badminton yesterday with the Gang.
But there is only one court, so no choice the girls doesn't join. =)

I slept late recently and my face looks sucks man! WTF*
It's time for mask-ing. =D

Arbutin Whitening Mask
Sob sob~ My eye bags & panda eyes >.<

Tea bags to cure my panda eyes, hopefully.
Erm.. Does it got any effects???
Ahahahaha.. I also don't know.. But it is comfortable for me!
I apply it together with the mask..

scary ghost?!?
Huhuhu~~~ Looks like a ghost! But who cares??? Hahahahaha...

Any difference?
Have any difference??
Erm.. My face looks fairer after apply mask..
And the eyes I think should be apply more then just can see the effect..
The most important is have to sleep earlier!!! OMG!

Due to the boring mood, I using my straighten to curl my hair..
Walao.. Damn funny.. Cz I am not that expert and my curls are uneven! My gosh...!!!!
Sorry if my coming photos hurt ur eyes.. =P
All are aunty looks!!!!!

Take 1: Damn aunty look!!!
Take 2: Still love to dream that I am forever 18... Sigh~
Take 3: Heart this most!!! =D

Sorry and forgive my Zi Lian ya...
Cz I am bored!!!! BORED BORED BORED!!! Please go away from me!!
Yeah it's gonna weekend agn!!! Love Friday!!!

That's all



  1. 哈哈!


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